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I’m just starting to get into wearing more jewelry somewhere other than my ears, so its perfect timing that while browsing online I discovered Brooklyn based Digby & Iona (who have a new collection coming up soon!) on the La Dama webshop.



My favorites are the animal rings (especially the stag ring) but they have a ton of other amazing things like knife and bullet necklaces and cufflinks (one with a hunter, and the other with a deer).  This particular collection is perfectly my style, and I love the use of such rough and vicious in such beautiful jewelry. The designer, Aaron Ruff had a carpenter father and went to the Parsons School of Design for furniture design, and you can definately see that showing up in the rustic elements of his jewelry.  If I ever have the cash to spend so much on jewelry, I’m definately trusting Digby and Iona to outfit my fingers.

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